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Census equivalent to collective suicide for Baloch: Mengal


QUETTA: Leader of Balochistan National Party (BNP) Sardar Akhter Mengal has said that 60% people have moved to other sister provinces in the wake of instability that triggered in 2005 in Balochistan and conduct of census under such circumstances is tantamount to collective suicide of Baloch people.

Addressing to a tribal Jirga held here at Sarawan House Quetta on Saturday, he said that it is not possible for Baloch to sign their own death certificate, adding that there is a historic relation between Baloch and Pushtun which is not poor of assembly seats.

He said that when the Baloch elders lived in Afghanistan during turbulent times in Balochistan, they never acquired citizenship of Afghanistan and always remained there as guests, adding that the peace and order is comparatively better in Afghanistan than Pakistan as no attacks are carried out on worship places and mosques. He said that a large portion of Baloch population still lives in Afghanistan.

He said that today Baloch were worried about census but it was an irony that since last 15 years they have failed to figure out actual number of their missing and dead in the legislative chambers and courts in the country.

He said that judicial commission says that hundreds of people are missing but the jockeys of power claim that no one is missing and all are living in Afghanisatn, India and Paris. He said that keeping one-unit intact from 1955 to 1947 was solely aimed at reducing the numerical strength of the Bangalis, adding that Baloch, Pushtun, Sindhi and Hazara were merged together to be used as a tool to loot the Bangalis’ wealth and resources.

He said that the influx of Afghan refugees began in Pakistan since 1978 and 2.8 million Afgan refugees have taken refuge in Balochistan to date, adding that some people wanted to register them for few assembly seats.

He said that as many as 80 per cent people from Sui, Awaran and 40 per cent people from Kech, Panjgoor, and Bolan have moved to safer places due to lawlessness and this data is provided by the concerned Deputy Commissioners.

He said that the issue of Balochistan has not been comprehended to date which require a sole political solution and not that throwing of dead bodies from helicopters would ever solve it.

Balochistan Express, Quetta

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