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BNP never traded away national interests for petty gains: Akhtar Mengal

KHARAN: President Balochistan National Party (BNP-Mengal) has said that no development is seen in Balochistan following the much trumpeted China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC); however, job opportunities are created in Punjab.

He said this while addressing to a large public gathering at Nawab Akbar Bugti Stadium here on Sunday. He said that there were number of job opportunities created in Punjab in the wake of multiple projects taking place there which include industries, railway lines, highways, power projects and other mega projects while Balochistan is craving for potable water, roads, electricity, education and health for the last 70 years.

He said that the name of Balochistan was always used and billions of rupees were hushed into the personal pockets of the people, adding that conduct of census in Balochistan in the presence of Afghan refugees is tantamount to collective suicide for Baloch.

Speaking on the occasion, the central vice president of BNP Malik Wali Kakar said that the brotherly relations of Baloch and Pushtun are centuries old, adding that the census in the presence of refugees is a loss to the Pushtuns along with Baloch. He said that this would not be tolerated at any cost.

Speaking on the occasion, former Senator Sana Baloch said that the hereditary politics was ruling Kharan for 38 years, adding that the elected members of Kharan had always been sitting on treasury benches but have not carried a little development work in Kharan.

He said that people here were deprived of education, health and the potable water, urging the people to elect BNP members for their bright future.

Sardar Akhtar Mengal said that people taunt him that they are nationalist but he feels pride in his nationalist politics as the real nationalists sacrifice their lives for the nation. He said that BNP has never traded away the national interests for personal gains, adding that those who have involved in such malicious practices would not be forgiven by the history. He urged the Baloch Students Organisations’ members to focus on their studies and prove their worth in all the fields of knowledge.

Source: bexpress.com.pk

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