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‘Crackdown under Raadul Fasad underway: DIG CTD Atizaz Goraya

QUETTA: Police have arrested two accused suspected to have links with proscribed organizations and have recovered huge cache of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) from their custody, on Thursday.

Speaking at a crowded news conference here at provincial capital, the Deputy Inspector General Police Counter Terrorism Department Balochistan (CTD) Aitzaz Ahmed Goraya told this while briefing the new men about the performance of CTD, saying that CTD has recovered 1933 different sorts of weapons in as many as 908 intelligence based and 1380 combing operations.

He said that religious hate literature was also recovered during these operations and added that 1419 people were also booked under Foreign Act. He said that 34 terrorists were also arrested and 4 killed during the operations, including arrest of 75 facilitators.

He also announced that a list of 175 wanted terrorists has been compiled and head money of 1 million is declared on the arrest of each.

He said that operations are underway following the special instructions of Chief Minister Balochistan Nawab Sanaullah Zehri and Inspector General Police (IG) Hassan Mehbood in line with the operation Raadul Fasad, adding that county would be cleared of all the terrorists with the coordination of Pak Army and other institutions. He said that Balochistan police would not refrain from lying down their lives for the country and a recent living example of this was Abdul Razzaq and Abdul Majeed of Bomb Disposal Squad (BDS) who laid their lives while protecting the lives of the people.

He said that Balochistan Police have ensured implementation of National Action Plan (NAP) in letter and spirit and the process is directly supervised by the CM and IG Balochistan, adding that committees have been formed at divisional and district level to make the operations all the more effective.

He said that during the current year, as many as 164 intelligence based and 50 combing operations were carried out in which 34 terrorists were arrested while 4 were gunned down, including the arrest of 75 others.

He said that during an operation on Wednesday, Police arrested a person, Muhammad RAmzan Machi from a suburban area of Quetta, adding that he belonged to Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) and was involved in setting a passenger bus ablaze in 2011 in which 15 passengers, including children and women had perished. He said that the accused had confessed during initial investigation that he had set on fire 6 NATO containers and had kidnapped two persons in 2011-12 and had received 5 million from them. Besides, he was also involved in taking extortion from Hindu traders and settlers, adding that the accused had already been awarded death sentence by the court and had a head money of 1million on his head.

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