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CPEC, mega projects aim at befooling Baloch: Akhtar Mengal

SIBI: Government that fails in legislation how can activate military courts. Corruption both political and financial was at its peak. It is whether CPEC project or any mega project rulers are befooling masses for 70 years. Though agencies defeated us in elections yet history is witness we have won the elections.

These views were expressed by President Balochistan National Party Sardar Akhtar Mengal while speaking with Newsmen at Arbab Kasi House here Saturday.

Senior Vice President Wali Muhammad Kakar, Finance Secretary Malik Naseer Ahmed Shahwani, Chairman BSO Nazeer Ahmed Baloch and others were also present.

Earlier he and central and provincial leadership was accorded warm welcome at Toll Plaza.

Addressing Party workers in Balochi and Sindhi languages Akthar Mengal said he had visited Sibi eight years it was same as today. He asked workers to get untied on BNP platform. Land of Balochistan is ours and we cannot be distanced form pour people.

Akhtar Mengal said rulers in Islamabad how can be aware of problems of Balochistan. But politicians here are fully aware of people’s problems. BNP was holding public meetings in different parts for the last one and half years so that entire problems of Balochistan are resolved in political field he added. Media was highlighting facts of Balochistan as processions and meetings. A century ahs passed Rulers gave nothing to the people but tall promises. Bundle of lies has been made fate of people of Balochistan.

Referring to census he said it is necessary for country and nation strength of people could be ascertained. It has been organisign from British rule till One-Unit. But it is altogether different today. He said law and order problems, working of State and agencies people have migrated to other areas. Villages have been ruined. How can a house and people can be counted.  Baloch nation owing to migration and Pashtoons owing to foreigners from outside were turning into minorities. After arrival of refugees conspiracy was being hatched to include them in census. It would not only affect Balochistan but Pashtoons as well. He said a jirga was convened about census in Balochistan in which all the political parties, tribal elders and Hazara tribes fully participated. We also want that census is conducted but we would foil all conspiracies to convert Baloch and Pashtoons into minority.

About coming general elections Akthar Mengal and former Balochistan chief Minister said that BNP is a democratic party and we would continue our struggle. We are not afraid of results of rulers. We would be successful with people’s votes.

Turning to Corruption he said from chowkdiar upto Prime Minister all are corrupt. Political loyalties, electoral results, distribution of ministries all is corruption. If people’s mandate is not respected it is against biggest corruption. No one leaves his house or area. Migration had not taken place for natural calamities but owing to State and Government. If law and order is restored then those migrated would return to their areas.

Answering a question President BNP said Red Warrants, mutilated dead bodies, spoiling sanctity of chadar and char deewari would not resolve problems of Balochistan. Only dialogues are solution to present problems of Balochistan.

With regard to CPEC he said if a single line is shown in Gwadar he would say Balochistan was making progress though Gwadar lacks drinking water, hospitals, educational institutions what to talk of provision of employment government was snatching fishing from the people.  He said under CPEC project Motorway was being built in Punjab area and claims of development were being made for Balochistan.

About establishment of military courts he said Army should be assigned responsibility along borders so that terrorism form outside is stopped. While Army has been brought to the courts with black coat. He said those rulers who cannot make legislation for what purpose military courts are.

Strict security measures were adopted on the occasion.

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