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Wasey lash out at nationalists Parties

QUETTA: The Opposition Leader in Balochistan Assembly Maulana Abdul Wassey has said on Saturday that the excesses of ruling nationalist parties cannot equalize the 60 years of excesses meted out by the federal government with Balochistan.

“Nationalists embezzled billions of rupees instead of spending them on the welfare of the masses,” he said while talking to media here. He added that the government of the nationalist parties is the most corrupt of all government that have ever ruled Balochistan.

He said that the nationalist parties had always leveled allegations on the past governments of bargaining the interest of the province but what they have bargained stand unmatched. He was of the view that it was regrettable to see that the recruitment in the departments is made through draw, adding that those raising slogans of merit and ridding the province of corruption indulged in corruption to such degrees which doesn’t find any precedent in the past.

He said that Balochistan is rich in mineral wealth and has almost population of 10 million people but the population is scattered over the vast land and despite having resource, the provincial government was unable to facilitate the masses.

He said that the heads of current ruling political parties would not be here in Balochistan following 2018 elections but would be abroad to appease their masters, adding that such leaders are never pro-masses rather anti-masses who history would not spare.

Source: bexpress.com.pk

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