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Jamaldini for protecting people’s legitimate rights

NAUSHKI: Mir Khurshid Jamaldini, a Central leader of the Balochistan National Party (BNP), has pledged that his party would protecting the legitimate rights of the oppressed and suppressed people of Balochistan and the party would not permit the influential people to undermine the fundamental rights of the people.

In a statement issued on Friday, he said that people from the backward and remote districts of Balochistan are being discriminated deliberately and the bureaucracy and corrupt politicians are responsible for the criminal exploitation of the people.

There are no development activities in remote areas of Balochistan whatever activities are reported, they are confined to the surrounding of the Provincial Capital where the powerful and influential people having the real say, the BNP leader said

Referring to the discrimination in job opportunities, he said the vested interested, mostly belonging to Quetta and its surroundings had monopolized the employment opportunities and denying the candidates from remote parts of Balochistan job opportunities, Mr. Jamaldini added.

“There should be transparency in recruiting the people in Government jobs and the rights of the people from far flung districts should be ensured,” he said.

There is a credible merit system invoked in Balochistan soon after giving the provincial status where the District quota had been fixed for the competent people on population basis, he added. At the same time, admission in professional colleges, the students were selected on that basis and it successfully operated for decades, the BNP leader argued. Now the more greedy people having eye on all those jobs reserved for the people from the remote districts want to grab all the Government using their political and other influence, Mr. Khurshid Jamaldini said.

“The Baloch people and the future Governments will make those corrupt and dishonest officials accountable for their manipulation and denying government jobs to the deserving people and monopolize the Government jobs to their relatives and political constituents,” the BNP leader stated.

He said that the Government of the day should ensure transparency in providing jobs to the deserving people only and restrain its corrupt and dishonest bureaucrats to usurp the right of the genuine people in seeking Government jobs.

The BNP leader said that it should be an eye opener for the Government of the day that a Mafia is operating in the provincial Administration with the clear task to dislodge the Baloch people from the Provincial Administration also as the Central Government had already expelled the Baloch people from the Pakistani State institutions.

The off and on protest by the different political parties should be given full attention leveling charges against the corrupt officials who were found recruiting dozens of people unlawfully and they are enjoying the support of the corrupt politicians, the BNP leader concluded.

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