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Peace restored in Balochistan, says IGFC

QUETTA: Inspector General of Frontier Corps Balochistan Major General Nadeem Anjum while addressing to the condolence meeting regarding the fourth death anniversary of Shuda e-Zehri said the people of Balochistan have given their blood for the creation of Pakistan. They helped Quaid e Azam sacrificing their lives for the country.

He said Baloch tribes are performing their duty in defending the country, seeing the country progress the enemy living in the country and outside started hatching conspiracy in shape of misleading the youth.

These people snatched pens and books from youth and had given them weapons and they had started attacking police and security forces he added.

He said when they were failed to attack security forces and now they started attacking naïve people who would talk about love for the country.

IG FC said Baloch people destroyed these people helping security forces who for the sake of some money would play in the hands of enemy country.

He said one hundred countries want to be part of CPEC project including Iran and Russia which shows its success.

He said due to the efforts of Baloch tribes’ peace has been restored.

IG FC appealed to the people of Balochistan not to listen those people who give weapons to their children persuading them to go the mountains while snatiching their books and pens.

He said these people read their children in foreign countries.

Balochistan Express, Quetta

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