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Gwadar fishermen worried about port relocation

GWADAR: Gwadar fishermen have expressed reservations regarding the relocation of the city port as many of them were associated with the fishing industry.

This was revealed in a report by Al-Jazeera. The report quoted President Fishermen Association Gwadar Bashir Ahmed saying that many fishermen these days were worried about the relocation of Gwadar port.

He said that they were not against development but wanted proper compensation.

A local fisherman Mumtaz Ali said that fishing was the only mean of their survival.

“We have no help from the government nor do we have any other opportunity. Our forefathers were fishermen, we are fishermen and so our kids will have the same future.”

Pakistan’s government is working with a Chinese company to expand its seaport at Gwadar, in Balochistan province.

It involves relocating villages along the coast and moving the people to an alternative site.

Officials said the development will boost the region’s economy and transform the small fishing community.


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