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Omar Zakhilwal say Pak-Afghan likely to open in three to four days. Photo: Omar Zakhilwal

2 Afghan soldiers, not 50 killed: Afghan envoy rubbishes Pak claims

Afghanistan’s top envoy to Pakistan Omar Zakhilwal on Monday rubbished claims that Pakistani security forces killed 50 Afghan soldiers in retaliation to the Chaman cross-border attack, saying that only two Afghan soldiers were slain and seven others injured.

“Woke up to celebratory front page headlines today on all Pakistani papers saying Pakistan killed 50 Afghani soldiers and injured 100 in Chaman clash,” Zakhilwal tweeted.

The FC Balochistan chief said four or five check posts were also destroyed when Pakistani border guards retaliated to the cross-border attack, adding that Afghanistan pleaded for ceasefire on May 5, which Pakistan accepted.

On Friday, Pakistan closed the border after attacks by Afghan forces on census staff and security personnel escorting them left 12 people dead and 40 others injured.

The Afghan envoy slammed the reports, saying, “The Chaman clash left casualties, deaths and injured on Pakistan side too but we, instead of celebrating, called it unfortunate and regrettable.”

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