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Members of the Iranian revolutionary guard march during a parade to commemorate the anniversary of the Iran-Iraq war (1980-88), in Tehran, Iran, September 22, 2011. REUTERS/Stringer/File Photo

Five mortar shells fired from Iran land in Chaghai

QUETTA: Five mortar shells fired from Iran landed in Balochistan’s Chaghai area on Sunday, Pakistani security officials said.

Officials added that no casualties were reported in the incident.

Last month, Ten Iranian border guards were killed by militants said to be operating from Pakistan. Iran said that Jaishal Adl militants had shot the guards with long-range guns, fired from inside Pakistan.

Later, the head of the Iranian armed forces warned Islamabad that Tehran would hit bases inside Pakistan if the government does not confront militants who carry out cross-border attacks.

The situation was later resolved via dialogue and the rhetoric subsided.


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