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Iran lashes out at US, S. Arabia as it mourns its dead


TEHRAN: Iran hit out at the United States and Saudi Arabia as tens of thousands attended the funeral on Friday for those slain in the first attacks in Iran claimed by the militant Islamic State (IS) group.

The intelligence ministry, meanwhile, said on Friday that 41 people suspected of being “agents of Daesh (IS)” had been arrested in the aftermath of Wednesday’s attacks.

“Death to America”, “Death to the Saud” ruling family, and “We are not afraid”, shouted the crowd behind a lorry bearing the coffins of 15 of the 17 people killed.

Burials were held in the provinces for the two others killed when gunmen and suicide bombers stormed Tehran’s parliament complex and the shrine of revolutionary leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. Fifty people were wounded in the attacks.

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