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Minister transfers huge fund to his constituency

QUETTA: A member of the Balochistan Assembly made a startling disclosure that a powerful minister shifted a huge fund to his own constituency from another one overnight and termed it a worst form of corruption. The amount of money involved is said to be around Rs 1.25 billion transferred by the Minister.

The Deputy Opposition Leader in the Balochistan Assembly, Mr. Zamurak Khan Engineer, made the startling disclosure while participating in the general debate on the Balochistan Budget in Quetta on Monday morning sessions.

Deputy Opposition Leader in the Balochistan Assembly, Mr. Zamurak Khan, claimed that the Provincial Minister for Education, Mr. Rahim Ziaratwal was involved in transfers of funds from another constituency to his political constituency which is worst form of corruption.

The fund transfer took place in violation of the laws, rules of procedures of the Assembly as the budget was passed by the assembly and no individual, whosoever he may be, cannot change the decisions of the Assembly or amend the Finance Bill passed a year ago.

Participating the general discussion on the Provincial Budget, Mr. Khan who belongs to ANP, exposed another form of corruption in the present Government saying that simply the funds from one constituency were shifted overnight to the political constituency of the Minister for Education.

Mr. Zamurak Khan expressed his serious reservations on the Provincial Budget, with a special reference to the PSDP, saying that the PML-N Government at the Centre had not given a single mega project to Balochistan during the past four years. All mega projects confined to the Punjab, the seat of present Government, he said.

He criticized the Federal Government for present the annual budget without announcing the new NFC Award about sharing of resources. He recalled that in 2008, the total volume of Provincial Budget was mere Rs five billion and not it is about Rs 328 billion.

The ANP claimed that not a single penny was spent on the Western Route of CPEC. He also criticized the Provincial Government which failed to bring a significant economic project to Balochistan.

Mr. Zamurak Khan criticized the Government decision to grant Rs 500 million to the Governor who had not representative capacity. He said if he files a petition in the superior court, then not a single penny can be used or spent. He accused the Government and the Treasury Benches of committing contempt of court and violating the past decisions of the court.

He appealed to the Chief Minister to review the budget thoroughly and do justice to all the constituencies of the people by fairly distributing resources ending the monopoly of a small group of MPAs and officials.

Mr. William Jan Barkat, PMAP MPA, in his speech demanded that the Provincial Government should construct colonies for the sanitary workers in Quetta and other major cities. He said the colonies built during the British colonial days are still being used and the facility is not extended to this date.

He demanded that jobs should be provided to the minorities on the basis of their established and recognized quota.

Earlier Prince Ali Baluch, MPA from Bela, quoted the remarks of UNDP that the non development expenditure are expanding fast comparing with the development expenditure and he demanded a balance between development and non-development spending. He welcomed that a vocational institution is being built in Lasbela.

Source: bexpress.com.pk

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