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Hasil Bizenjo worried over Saudi- Iran conflict

QUETTA: The Federal Minister for Ports and Shipping and President of National Party Mir Hasil Khan Bizenjo said the unfriendly relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia would definitely harm Balochistan. All concerned should tackle this issue with their prime responsibility.

Afghanistan and Pakistan should sort out their issues through dialogue he added.

Hasil Bizenjo expressed these views in the Meet-The-Press programme of the Quetta Press Club on Monday. He claimed National Party during its tenure had initiated talks with Baloch nationalists including Brahmdug Bugti and convinced them to come to country but after ending of our government no contact was made further more.

He said every political party is preparing for the Election 2018 and the reason of making alliance with Jamiat in by- election is to have seat adjustment in coming up elections.

Hasil Bizenjo said Balochistan National Party has not been contacted regarding by –election while there was no alliance with Pashtoonkhwa Milli Awami Party only had alliance during the formation of the Government.

Hasil Bizenjo added there is no possibility of any alliance with PMAP in future.

The Minister expressed his deep concern over the recent development in the region increasing tension between Iran and Saudi Arabia which is not a good omen for Balochistan for being part of the region.

He advised the government to play a positive role in the Saudi and Iran dispute as Pakistan in enjoying good relations with both of the countries.

Talking about the Panama Case Hasil Bizenjo said government established JIT while respecting the decision of the Court adding that “Prime Minister and other politicians appeared before the JIT.

He said government needs to have military forces here in Balochistan because of terrorist attacks as religious terrorists and local elements are active.

Talking about the development of Gwadar he said when Gwadar gets development a large population from other region will come here and National Party has the reservations about this.

He further added that to remove these reservations, legislations is being ensured and soon it would be tabled on the floor of Balochistan Assembly.

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