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Iran arrests 12 Pakistani fishermen from Jiwani

QUETTA: Iranian forces on Mekran Coast have arrested 12 Pakistani fishermen from the open Sea on Friday while they were busy in fishing near Jiwani on the Pakistani side of the Mekran Coast.

Official sources said that Pakistani fishermen belonged to Jiwani gone to  the  Sea in three fishing boats for fishing this morning. They were busy in fishing in Pakistani waters and suddenly the Iranian forces appraised and taken all the three fishing boats along with 12 fishermen into custody.
“Pakistani fishermen were fishing in the Pakistani area when Iranian forces cordoned off the area and arrested 12 fishermen,” the officials of the Fisheries Department confirmed.
According to reports Iranian forces took the arrested Pakistani fishermen to Chah Bahar port where the Iranian authorities registered a case against Pakistani fishermen and confiscated their boats, fishing net and other equipment.
“Fishing boats confiscated by Iranian authorities belong to Kambar Ali, Saeed Ahmed and Irfan Ali, all residents of Jiwani,” family sources said.
The officials of Fisheries Department in Gwadar said that the Pakistani fishermen had not violated the territorial waters of Iran and were fishing in Pakistan’s waters.
The incident of arresting Pakistani fishermen took place after recent meeting of Pakistani and Iranian senior official in Tehran, which concluded on Wednesday last. The issue of arresting fishermen and lobbing of mortar shells in Panjgur and Mashkhel area of Balochistan had also discussed in the two days meeting and many decisions had taken to resolve these issues.

The local administration had apprised the Provincial Home Department and message is conveyed to the Foreign Ministry to take appropriate action for immediate release of Pakistani Fishermen.

Source: bexpress.com.pk

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