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Residents of Saryab localities punished on the second day

QUETTA:  Residents of some parts of Saryab localities were punished for the second consecutive day on Wednesday barring movement of vehicles and also the people on foot.

The officials described it a security measures miles away inside the University Campus where the President of the Pakistan presided over the 14th Convocation of the University of Balochistan.

Women, children, sick and old were barred from the roads and disallowed them from crossing the road by the FC personnel while the policemen on the sidelines were simple onlookers and they could not help the needy and particularly the old and kids.

It was virtually an ‘undeclared curfew’ that remained clamped for several hours beginning from early in the morning and continued till the late afternoon.

The buses, school vans were not allowed to take the children to the schools. Almost all the shops, including the vending shops on both sides of the Saryab Road were closed by the security personnel and thus business activities remained suspended for several hours.

Main gates of the colonies and localities opening on the Saryab Road were closed arbitrarily and without taking the local residents into confidence to the extreme measures. Thus the residents of some localities were confined to their homes unwarrantedly merely because a function is being held at a faraway and isolated place and that is too within the fortified area of the University Campus. There was no justification for restricting movement of people on the main road.

“It was a case of illegal confinement,’ Zafar Baloch, a resident of Saryab remarked while registering his strong protest to unwelcome visit of VVIPs to this area.

Old women and children were seen protesting against the ban on their movement and some of them approached the policemen on the duty on the sidelines saying that they are helpless as FC personnel don’t listen.

It is not clear that who had declared such measures restricting the movement of vehicles and people on the main highly connecting the Provincial Capital with rest part of Pakistan. It amounts to collective punishment of the local residents for their no crime, local residents protested.

The parts of Saryab Road wore a deserted look as if curfew had been clamped barring movement of vehicles and the people, including women and children.

There is a very old suggestion from the broad masses that the VVIP movement should be confined to Airport and its surroundings disallowing the rulers to visit the city areas and disrupt the normal life of the people.

Source: bexpress.com.pk

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