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BNP activists are being harassed, says Mengal

QUETTA: The Balochistan National Party President, Sardar Akhtar Mengal, has accused the Government of harassing the BNP leaders, workers and activists.

Speaking on the occasion of joining the BNP by former Provincial PTI President, Nawabzada Aurangzeb Jogezai, in Quetta on Friday, he said the BNP workers are being threatened to be killed for their political opposition to the Government policies.

Sardar Mengal said that both Balochs and Pakhtuns are tied in centuries old bonds of brotherhood and the relations are further cemented in recent days. He said it is not possible for the opportunists to harm those brotherly relations through slogan mongering.

“Those elements will never succeed who are out to disturb those brotherly relations between Balochs and Pakhtuns,” the BNP President said. He said that certain elements are staging drama at the behest of their master and they would not succeed as the bonds of unity had developed into a powerful tree. They are residing on their own land and had developed very close relations over a period of time, Akhtar Mengal said.

He said that the disruptive elements had been exposed during the four-year of misrule and the broad masses had singled out those elements trying to harm the brotherly relations. Those elements are trying to promote their negative approach creating differences among the people, he added.

The BNP President said that the friendship and brotherhood of the Balochs and Pakhtuns need no Government and power they are united and they had further cemented the bonds of brotherhood.

He said that the BNP is a party of martyred who sacrificed their life for the betterment of the people defended the inalienable rights of the people. He said that the BNP had emerged a strong political party and a powerful political force capable to defend the rights of the people.

The BNP President said that he and his party is committed to defend the legitimate rights of the people seeking their welfare and prosperity and the party would not disappoint the people and try to come to their right expectations.

He ridiculed the present political scenario saying that the judiciary is performing the job of Establishment, politicians are performing the job of judiciary and the job and duties of the politicians are being performed by the judiciary.

Sardar Mengal said that the institutions should work within their own framework of duty and refrain from interfering in the affairs of other institutions as it will be disastrous for the entire country.

Speaking on the occasion, Nawabzada Aurangzeb called for Baloch-Pakhtun unity and pledged that he would work for positive politics demonstrating unity in the rank and file of the broad masses.

Source: bexpress.com.pk

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