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After taxicabs, anti-Pakistan ads appear on London buses

Just days after Islamabad lodged a protest with Briton over a display of anti-Pakistan slogans on London taxicabs, over 100 buses are now crisscrossing London with anti-Pakistan advertisements.

The World Baloch Organisation (WBO) has launched the third phase of a malicious campaign against Pakistan after taxis and billboards, according to Indian media reports.

Responding to Islamabad’s concerns over the latest anti-Pakistan advertisements, British High Commissioner Thomas Drew said, “We [UK] fully respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Pakistan of which Balochistan is and will continue to be an integral part.”

However, this time, Drew also highlighted the British government’s helplessness in controlling the very propaganda.

“I understand the strength of feeling about adverts in London. The British government does not and cannot control advertising in the UK, but our own position is clear,” added the British high commissioner.

Pakistan, on November 3, had summoned the British high commissioner to formally lodge a protest after Pakistani social media users spotted the taxicabs on London roads and even shared their pictures.

The Foreign Office had termed the anti-Pakistan advertisements a direct attack on Pakistani’s territorial integrity and sovereignty.

Pakistan later announced that Transport for London (TfL), the body that runs London’s transport network, has ordered the removal of anti-Pakistan propaganda advertisements from taxicabs in London after the authorities drew the attention of the British officials to the offensive material.

Source: bexpress.com.pk

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