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Balochistan is no more a Federating Unit: Akhtar Mengal

QUETTA: The BNP President and former Chief Minister, Sardar Akhtar Mengal has claimed that Balochistan is no more a federating unit of Pakistan and it had been reduced to a colony.

Welcoming Nawabzada Lashkari Raisani on formally joining the Balochistan National Party at a big representative gathering held at a local Marriage Hall on Saryab Road, on Sunday afternoon, Akhtar Mengal demanded complete sovereignty of the people on all the resources and precious assets.

The BNP President had lashed out at the anti-democratic elements in Pakistan whom he made responsible for disallowing the people of Balochistan to exercise their democratic right of franchise.

Referring to the anti-democratic elements, Mr. Mengal said that they had not learnt any lesson from the past history and involved in political engineering of right of franchise of the people. “They had brought the country to the brink of complete disaster,” the BNP President claimed.

He said that the people, mainly leaders of public opinions, had been stopped not to discuss Saindak, Reko Dick, CPEC and other relevant issues at public forum because some unexplained sensitivities are involved in it.

The BNP President said that the world organisations had painted Balochistan Government as the most corrupt and dishonest where corruption is rampant.

He rejected the CPEC and claimed that Balochistan received no benefit from the CPEC. He said he had asked a pertinent question at the APC held in Islamabad demanded the details of 46 billion US dollar investment in Pakistan. The entire investment was made in the Punjab and the remaining three Federating Units denied legitimate share, Sardar Mengal told his audience.

The BNP President categorically announced that the people of Balochistan would not accept any project or economic plans without recognizing their inalienable right to their own resources and wealth in the Baloch Mainland.

He said that his party had always supported all development projects and never opposed development as some claimed. However, we demanded, right from the very outset, that all resources and wealth should be under the control of the people of Balochistan.

He vividly explained his point saying the a few jobs for the jobless is no solution to the economic ills of Balochistan. There should be a change of mindset about the control over the resources and sovereignty of the people over their own land and resources, Sardar Mengal explained.

He referred to the disclosure made in the Senate of Pakistan by a Federal Minister confirming that the Chinese Company would take away 91 per cent share from Gwadar revenue and to this; he said it is not acceptable to the people of Balochistan. Balochistan is given two percent or less and rest are spend on security.

Akhtar Mengal also lashed out at the National Party and without naming it and said that it was also involved in loot and plunder during its rule.

The BNP President said that his struggle is not against any nation, group of people and we are merely seeking control over our own resources and putting an end to brute exploitation of those resources without any check.

He claimed that resources of Balochistan were plundered with both hands and now metro-trains, bus and other mega projects are launched in other provinces at the cost of poverty and backwardness of the people of Balochistan.

Akhtar Mengal said that there is no importance of Balochistan and its Government in the highly centralized Pakistan. “It has no representation at any level. It is treated as a colony,” he charged.

He ridiculed the politics of Imran Khan dancing and singing on the stage and using questionable language against opponents. Such politics does not suit to the people of Balochistan, he added.

“When the anti-democratic forces had seized power using force, the Baloch nationalists were in the forefront in defending the democratic rights of the entire people of Pakistan,” Akhtar Mengal told his audience in plain and simple words.

At the end, Akhtar Mengal welcomed Nawabzada Lashkari Raisani joining the Balochistan National Party along with his supporters, friends and followers.

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