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No to charity, Mengal for control over resources

QUETTA: The BNP President, Sardar Akhtar Mengal, has claimed that Pakistan is isolated in the whole world merely because of its failed foreign and domestic policies. “Pakistan was sold in return of US dollars,” Sardar Akhtar told his audience.

Addressing a largely attended gathering at the Musa College premises, he said that riches of Balochistan were plundered mercilessly by the exploiters. He was speaking a meeting in his honour organized by Syed Nasir Abbas Hazara, a former MPA. A large number of notables were also present on the occasion.

The BNP President that Balochistan was deliberately kept backward for the past seven decades and development had been denied by design. All the nations of the world are engaged in planning and executing plans for national development while Balochistan is kept backward in all respects.

‘No development is visible in any part of Balochistan,’ Sardar Mengal said. He called upon all the nations residing in Balochistan to unite and wage a struggle for restoration of collective rights of the people.

The BNP President said that youth in Balochistan is afraid of coming out of their residence in fear and they can’t attend the educational institutions because of rampant terrorism targeting innocent people.

“It will be very difficult to identify the mutilated bodies of our youth,” Sardar Mengal said. There is no guarantee that our youth will return home safe and sound in present law and order situation, he said.

He said a score of people had surrendered their right to get education or do business in a secure climate. It is the failure of the Government, he added. He deplored that Hazara community is still in siege and residing in a climate of extreme harassment.

He said cities, towns and villages had been destroyed by the terrorists in many parts of Balochistan.

The BNP President had called upon all the nations in Balochistan to wage a relentless struggle regaining their usurped economic, political, constitutional and cultural rights. The brutal plunder of our resources by the vested interests should be resisted, he said.

He was of the opinion that Pakistan and its people would continue to suffer in future unless the chosen representatives of the people had made supreme power to frame foreign and domestic policy in favour of the people and not the vested interests.

He ridiculed the so-called Aghaz Huquq-i-Balochistan and considered it a charity saying we demand our right to control all our resources and the nice coast line. “We never demanded charity,” the former Chief Minister of Balochistan said.

Source: bexpress.com.pk

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