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Quddus Bizenjo named as candidate for CM

QUETTA: The dissident group that overthrew the PML-N Government in Balochistan has nominated Mir Quddus Bizenjo, a former Deputy Speaker and a member of the PML (Q), as their candidate for the Chief Minister.

He was selected unanimously by the parties, groups and individuals who opposed the former Chief Minister and filed a no confidence motion against Nawab Sanaullah Zehri.

It was announced formally at a news conference in which the political heavyweights and tribal stalwarts were also present where Sardar Mohammad Saleh Bhootani, Mir Jan Mohammad Jamali and Sarfraz Bugti talked to the newsmen.

They disclosed the Mr. Bizenjo was selected unanimously for the past of Chief Minister and he would file his nomination papers at the Balochistan Assembly on Friday forenoon.

Two leaders from the JUI-F Mufti Gulab and Mir Usman Badini and a Muslim League Legislators Sarfraz Dombki, Majid Abro, Mir Amanullah Notezai and Prince Ahmed Ali were also present. Earlier, the united opposition in the Balochistan had and announced their unqualified support to any nominee from the Muslim Leaguers, both the N-League and Q-League.

They announced their complete support to Abdul Quddus Bizenjo as new Chief Minister and extend full support to get him elected and also run the administration with full efficiency.

They hoped that next general elections will be held on schedule and there was no reason to delay or postpone it, they argued.

They pledged to give top priority to education, health and maintenance of law and order as part of good governance. They also reposed confidence in the present Speaker, Ms Raheela Durrani and her talents would be used in running the house in a democratic way.

On this occasion, Sardar Mohammad Saleh Bhootani categorically declared that Mr. Quddus Bizenjo is our unanimous nominee and we would stand by him when he is running the administration.

Sarfraz Bugti said that there is peace in Awaran where Mr. Bizenjo made valuable contributions.

Meanwhile, the Balochistan Assembly Secretariat will accept the nomination in the forenoon and it will be scrutinize the nomination papers in the evening completing the process in a single day.

However, the MPAs loyal to Nawaz Sharif, held their separate meeting at the residence of Sardar Dur Mohammad Nasir where five others MPAs participated.

They decided to place a joint candidate for the post of Chief Minister after consulting two coalition partners—the PMAP and the National Party.

Sardar Yakoob Nasir also expressed similar views saying they would place a joint candidate after consulting PMAP and the National Party.

He said that it were rumours that the no confidence motion would be used to delay or postpone senate elections.

Sardar Nasir was talking to newsmen following a meeting with e delegation of the PMAP led by Dr Hamid Achakzai and other leaders including Ziaratwal, Ubaidullah Babat, Majeed Achakzai and Agha Liaquat. Haji Ali Mohammad Lehri, Izhar Khosa, Sardar Dur Mohammad Nasir were also present.

Sardar Nasir ruled out any negotiations with the dissidents. He said Nawab Sanaullah Zehri is in Karachi and we will consult him also on the issue of joint candidate for the Chief Minister, Balochistan.

He demanded that the next General elections should be held on schedule.

He said consultations are on with the allies and soon a decision will be made on a joint candidate.

Political observers are watching the fight on the floor of the Balochistan with keen interests as both the groups had decided to put up their candidates for the post of Chief Minister on Jan 13 next.

It is interesting that the Q-League man will lead the future coalition Government meaning that the PML-N is now confined to the Punjab only and it is effectively dislodged from Balochistan, political observers pointed out.

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