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Chabahar Port provides the chance for regional convergence: Iranian Envoy

Iran’s ambassador to Kabul described the southeastern Iranian Port of Chabahar as an opportunity for regional convergence in line with serving the common interests of all countries in the region.

It needs to facilitate banking relations in order to make use of Chabahar’s capacities, Mohammad Reza Bahrami said in a meeting held here on Sunday with participation of Indian envoy and Afghan Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah, IRNA wrote.

Bahrami said that sharing regional interests would lead to creating wealth and improving welfare in the region.

The region enjoys considerable capacities which can help implement all development projects in the region, the diplomat added.

Referring to the May 2016 transit trade agreement on Chabahar Port between Iran, India and Afghanistan, the ambassador also said the port has witnessed development and investment since signing the document.

It is necessary to set up a banking system to exchange money to facilitate business in the region, Bahrami stressed.

About Tehran-Kabul ties, he said the two annually experience billion dollars worth of trade exchange, adding they are moving along the right direction.

He noted that sharing economic interests would lead to joining political and cultural interests which will bring more convergence.

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