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CPEC would only be favorable for foreigners: Akhter Mengal

QUETTA: China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has nothing to do with the native people; it is for the benefit of foreigners. The representatives from Balochistan, who once claimed that the CPEC would usher in Balochistan an era of prosperity and development, too have acknowledged that the CPEC is not for the advantage of indigenous people.

The President of Balochistan National Party Mengal (BNP-M), Sardar Akthar Mengal, while speaking to the newsman in the residence of Noor Baksh Digarzai in Gulsheri Windar area of Hub Choki said, “BNP is the only voice of the people that speaks for the rights of people from the very first day.”

He said, He has serious reservations regarding the delimitation of consistencies by Election Commission of Pakistan. Including the areas of Balochistan into Sindh is an injustice with the already deprived province. He said, he had never expected from Sindh to do this.” We shall defend each and every inch of Balochistan” he said.

While speaking about the newly established party, he said, it is not a new thing. This party should have established earlier. People who established this party, they themselves even do not know about the policies of their party.

He further said those who speak about nationalism have forgotten their way and those who amassed votes in the name of middle class now turned into well-off.

Balochistan Express, Quetta

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