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Balochistan budget to be announced on May 11

QUETTA: The Provincial annual budget for 2018-19 to be presented on 11 May, as Acting Governor Balochistan Raheela Hamid Durrani called budget session.

The 400 billion rupees’ provincial budget for the physical year of 2018-19 to be presented on Friday May 11 after Acting Governor Balochistan Raheela Hameed Durrani called budget session at 04pm. Finance Department sources revealed.

The Provincial Government has allocated rupees 50 billion for education 24 billion for health and rupees 300 billion for non-development projects.

“The Provincial Government will allocate rupees 100 billions for development schemes in the province as expected and there might be 20 billions to 25 billions deficit in next year’s budget.” Sources added.

This would be the last financial budget of incumbent provincial government as all provincial assemblies are going to dissolved after 31st May.

Source: bexpress.com.pk

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