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Sadiq Sanjrani inaugurates Gwadar desalination plant

QUETTA: Gwadar port is a unique port, it will not only benefited Pakistan, rather would prove fruitful for entire region. Gwadar port would invigorate international financing and bring economical revaluation particularly in Asia.

The Senate chairman, Sadiq Sanjrani, has inaugurated a desalination plant installed at the Gwadar port by Chinese company. This desalination plant will provide 254,000 gallons of drinking water to the residents of Gwadar. As shortage of Drinking water has remained a major issue for the residents of that particular area since decades.

The senate chairman while addressing to a ceremony said, desalination plant is a gift from Chinese side to the people of Gwadar. He said, we request to increase its capacity from 254,000 gallons to 30,000 gallons.

He said, Chinese company must take steps to strengthen social sector.”As Balochistan is rich in natural resources, through utilization of these resources the destiny of the people of this area may be changed in minimum time period.” He said.

He said, it is our demand that the resources of Balochistan must be utilized appropriately, so that the poverty could be eliminated from the area prominently.

He further said, we are indebted to the Chinese firm for their developmental works in Gwadar, particularly in education and health sector. Establishment of Pak China school in Faqir Colony and hospital by Red Crescent is a commendable step.

He said, very soon all facilities of life would be present in Gwadar. This city will also be counted in list of developed cities of the world.

Source: bexpress.com.pk

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