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Balochistan Government finalize three names for caretaker CM

QUETTA: Prince Ahmed Ali, Alla ud Din Marri and former Speaker Aslam Bhotani are in the row to fill the slot of next caretaker CM Balochistan, consensus aimed government and opposition are underway as the current government set up will be wrapped up from May 31st.

According to Government sources, the Provincial Government has short listed Prince Ahmed Ali current sitting Minister and Alla ud Din Marri as their choice for next caretaker CM Balochistan.

The opposition parties comprising on PK MAP and NP have nominated former Speaker Balochistan Assembly Aslam Bhotani as their choice for caretaking government’s Chief Minister.

Following constitutional procedure, the Government and Opposition after consensus have to finalize one name as Chief Minister to run the caretaker government set up before the Provincial Assembly completed its tenure. However in any case of deadlock or estrangement, the ball is in Election Commission’s court to select caretaker CM.

Government sources revealed that, talks amid government and opposition are being taken place, and a unanimous name from both sides will be announced in next 72 hours.

But what political pundits predicted, deadlock between government opposition is imminent on finalizing caretaker CM Balochistan, the decision will be emerged from Election Commission following current political situation in Balochistan.

Source: bexpress.com.pk

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