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The Baloch Conflict with Iran and Pakistan: New Book Published

A new book providing an enriched insight into the dynamics of Baloch National Struggle has been published.

The book, “The Baloch conflict with Iran and Pakistan” is authored by Dr. Naseer Dashti and published by Trafford Publishing.

The book offers a critical elucidation of the early non-violent political struggle of the Baloch up to the present day protracted and bloody struggle of the Baloch against Iran and Pakistan. The book analyzes the strength and weaknesses of opposing parties in the conflict, and it discusses the role of regional and international interest groups. It is also an overview of the problems facing the Baloch national struggle in both countries and prospects for the success of the Baloch resistance in near future. The significance of this voluminous study, running into more than three hundred pages, lies in its exposition of a new realm of material, hitherto unknown and the new insights it provides into the dynamics of the Baloch liberation struggle. The book is available at Amazon books and from the publisher.

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