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Single Pakhtun province demanded

QUETTA: Mr. Asghar Achakzai, the Provincial President of the Awami National Party, had reiterated his demand for single Pakhtun Province and immediate merger of FATA with the KPK.

He strongly criticized those reactionary elements in politics obstructing the democratic and humanitarian reforms in FATA and opposing the instant merger of FATA with the KPK paving the way for a united Pakhtun Province within the framework of one Pakistani federation.

Without naming the PMAP, Mr. Asghar Achakzai said that people in politics had been demanding Pakhtun Province from Bolan to Chitral and now they are opposing the merger of FATA with the KPT.

“As a salve, we are not making any demand from the rulers and mere want to ensure the basic and fundamental rights of our children,” the ANP said. “We are even denied CNIC and in return the Government is leveling charges against us,” he added.

Asghar Achakzai demanded that the Government should implement all the projects agreed under the CPEC.

Referring to political history of defunct National Awami Party (NAP), we were united and comfortable and after the division, he are being beaten, he said.

The ANP leader said that Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif have minted billion by misusing the official and state powers and now they are challenging the Pakistani Establishment.

He also briefed the newsmen about the Party Working Committee meeting held in Quetta that reviewed the problems and challenges being faced by the Pakhtuns.

He recalled the relentless struggle waged by the ANP for the just and legitimate causes of the Pakhtun people and said it would continue unabated till we achieve our objectives.

Mr. Asghar Achakzai said that the merger of FATA with the KPK is part of our struggle which will continue.

He referred to the formal and official report of the Government commission which conceded that 90 per cent FATA tribesmen want merger of FATA with the KPK.

The ANP leader deplored that the Government had backed out of its commitment and even now opposing democratic, constitutional reforms in FATA with the prime issue of merger.

Referring to the intrigues from Lahore, the ANP leader claimed that the rulers told Pakhtun leaders to convince Maulana Fazlur Rehman and Mr. Mahmood Khan Achakzai on the issue of Pakhtun national unity, the Government would concede the demand for merger of FATA with the KPK.

Source: bexpress.com.pk

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