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BNP backs no confidence move against CM: Mengal

QUETTA: The BNP President, Sardar Akhtar Mengal, had declared that his party is part of the move to dislodge this government on a variety of allegations.

Talking to media persons at the residence of Sardar Yakoob Nasir here on Saturday, the BNP President claimed that Rs 156 billion of backward and poor Balochistan had lapsed during the past four years.

“After Nawaz Sharif yet another man will say why he was expelled from the Government,” Sardar Mengal quipped. He said that the Opposition had always tried to pinpoint the weaknesses of the Government and improve its performance in service of the people.

He was hopeful that the Assembly will carry the motion during the stormy session scheduled to be held on Jan 9 next. A sizable number of MPAs, including MPAs from both the factions of Pakistan Muslim League, had filed a no confidence motion against the Chief Minister which the BNP President hope will succeed with majority votes.

He defended the motion saying that it is according to rules of business of the house and thus democratic in essence in which majority will express its opinion.

Akhtar Mengal declared that he had never been part of the Pakistani establishment in the past nor he will become in future playing its democratic role in political dispensation of the people of Balochistan.

He said this pertinent question should be asked from those who are in politics on the crutches of the Pakistani Establishment.

He said he is a small man and nothing to say on US-Pakistan relations and the real rulers of the country should comment on relations with the United States. He said the budget, foreign and internal and foreign policy was framed and operated by others.

The BNP President charged that MPAs from the treasury benches has sold their votes in the past Senate elections and the Government took no action against them.

Referring to the events of 1998 when his party MPAs were encouraged and patronized to defect and bring down his elected Government by design, now the PML-N is facing a similar revolt from its own party MPAs or members of the treasury benches to bring down the coalition Government at will.

He ruled out the possibility of joining the Government for political advantage. However, if there is need to reform the whole system and make it accountable to the people, he will provide necessary help to deliver to the people.

Akhtar Mengal accused the Government of target killing, enforced disappearances, encouraging and patronizing tribal feuds and corruption. It will be a miracle if with his support the Government is removed, he concluded

Source: bexpress.com.pk

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