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BAP is going to fight elections with Nationalists: Manzoor Kakar

QUETTA: The so-called nationalists always compromised provincial rights on their personal interests, in 21st century Balochistan has been deprived of basic facilities including clean drinking water. BAP’s General Secretary Manzoor Khan Kakar said.

“In a short period of two months Balochistan Awami Party has grown up rapidly and turned into a major political force of Balochistan, only because we have been welcoming all nations living in Balochistan without ethnic hate.” BAP’s General Secretary Manzoor Khan Kakar said on Monday.

Before Kakar’s speech in a ceremony of new joining in BAP, PML N’s senior leader Mir Zafarullah with his hundreds of supporters joined Balochistan Awami Party and vowed to work for the rights of people under Balochistan Awami Party’s manifesto.

Senior leadership of BAP including Ismael Lehri, Javed Ahmed Khan and other party workers were accompanied with General Secretary Manzoor Kakar in the ceremony.

“Our party is going to fight elections with elements who always compromised people rights on their personal interests, we believed in unity but nationalists always did politics with hate.” Manzoor Kakar said.

He added, today political workers from all parties in Balochistan including PK MAP, JUI F, PTI, PML N, PPP and others are joining hands to change the plight of people of Balochistan.

Slamming Nationalists Mr. Kakar said, for 50 years we been lured on the name of nation, religion and sects, which pushed back further dilapidated plight of Balochistan,

“In 21st century the downtrodden people of Balochistan have been living without basic health, education and clean drinking water, to end the sense of deprivation BAP is ready to launch a movement for the rights of Balochistan.”

Answering a question regarding BAP’s political future Manzoor Kakar said, we have decided to move with seat to seat adjustment with other parties because you can’t do political with keep yourself on isolation,

“The way we had succeeded in electing six independent senators and Chairman Senate, we have let our doors opened for negotiation with other parties.”

Applauding Law Enforcement Agencies’ sacrifices for the country BAP Secretary General said, our armed forces remained on front while fighting terrorism, “Pak Army and Law Enforcement Agencies have given immense sacrifices in protections of people of Pakistan.

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