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ANP Balochistan celebrated FATA merger in KPK with holding a large public rally in Pishin

QUETTA: The provincial leadership of Awami National Party (ANP) has termed FATA’s merged as a milestone steps for Pashtoons living in Pakistan, vowing after FATA our next movement would be merger of western and southern Pashtoon areas.

“Being a nation, Pashtoons now should aware of their enemies disguised as friends, the so-called nationalists have compromised pashtoon nations’ interest for ministries, those declared Nawaz Sharif as a Champion of Democracy couldn’t pursued him for a single development project in Pashtoon belt.” Asghar Khan Achakzai the Provincial President of ANP said while addressing a rally in Taj Lala Football Stadium in Pishin on Thursday.

ANP Balochistan has celebrated FATA merger in KPK with full zeal and fervor and pledged more celebrations, gatherings and public rallies will be held on a landmark decision which united Pashtoon land.

District President of the Party Abdul Bari Kakar, Olas Yar Khan Tareen and other party leaders have also addressed the celebration gathering.

“Despite 21st century Pashtoon in FATA were deprived of all their basic and humanitarian rights due Frontier Crime Regulations (FCR) black law imposed by British Government.” Asghar Achakzai said and added ANP’s dream for one united pashtoon land is becoming true.

He vowed first phase of one single Pashtoon land has complete, our next strive would be for merger of western and northern Pashtoon belt.

Slamming the Provincial Nationalist party on their opposition over FATA merger Asghar Khan said, Pashtoons in Pakistan has reached on a point where they have known enemies but unfortunately some of our leaders are still depending on Riwind for the sack of political interests,

“The PML N regime during last five years didn’t announce a single development project for Balochistan’s pasthoon belt and still majority of are areas still deprived of all basic facilities including health and clean drinking water.”

Talking on general elections ANP’s Provincial President said, since election was announced, dummy politicians are being emerged in our province, but our people should halt suspicious activities for these dummy leaders.

Asghar Khan applauded Eid ceasefire between Afghan Government and Taliban and he stressed that peace is the only solution for peace in our neighboring Afghanistan.

Source: bexpress.com.pk

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