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BNP will end culture of selling Balochistan’s resources: Lashkari Raisani

QUETTA: Former Dictators General Zia and General Musharraf sailed Saindak and Roko Dik and exploited the rights of people of Balochistab but BNP Mengal won’t let anyone to sell Gawadar port. Central leader of BNP Mengal said.

“Flawed policies by previous rulers has turned divided Quetta city in three parts and ethnic hate fueled more uncertainty in our city, immature politicians in our province have pushed Balochistan into turmoil which can be resolved if public chose true electables in elections.” Nawabzada Haji Lashkri Raisani said while addressing a public gathering in Marriabad Quetta.

During the BNP’s public rally veteran Advocate Tahir Hussain Hazara has with his followers joined Balochistan National Party and announced his fervent role for the party in elections.

Nawabzada Haji Lashkri Raisani said, we can’t resolve our issues unless we show unity against our common enemy because further differences among nation in Quetta will push us towards us more chaos,

“During BNP’s All Parties Conference in Islamabad back in 2016, all political parties have corroborated our stance of people of Balochistan’s rights on their resources.”

He added, Gawadar has been generating rupees 18 billion dollars in terms of tax collection, which is enough amount to provide better lifestyle to the downtrodden people of Balochistan,

“25 July is the day of fortune changing for people of Balochistan because it is masses’ responsibility to vote for actual leadership of Balochistan that sincerely seek to resolce Balochistan issues.”

Slamming Balochistan Awami Party BNP Mengal’s senior leader said, BAP is bunch of people those gathered under one umbrella through one stick, and they are the people always compromise on people interest and plunged Quetta into myriad of issues.

“Unfortunately in 1970 people who studied in Ali Garh University, Government College Lahore, Acheson College and other universities left Pakistan to be split in two parts and Bangladesh emerged as new country.”

He said, BNP Mengal has pledged development, quality education, better healthcare and clean drinking water for people of Balochistan, “To save the province from more violence we have to aside ourselves from bigotry and ethnic hate.

Source: bexpress.com.pk

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