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Book launch of books by Dr Naseer Dashti

The mutilation of the Baloch and Sindhi history must be stopped

Speakers in the book launching event of Dr Naseer Dashti’s recently released two books expressed their dismay on the continuous fabrication of the historical accounts regarding the Baloch and Sindhis in Pakistan and Iran. They demanded that it is high time that history of the national struggle of these nations should be presented in its true essence before the masses and Dr Dashti’s books are attempts to clear many myths and falsifications which have been propagated by authors belonging to those nations who subjugated and oppressed the Baloch and Sindhis through ages.

In a well-attended ceremony held in the Birkbeck University London on Sunday, renowned Baloch historian and writer Dr Naseer Dashti’s two books “The Baloch conflict with Iran and Pakistan” and “Tears of Sindhu” were formally launched. The event was organised by Sindhi Baloch Forum and a number of Baloch and Sindhi socio-political activists and intellectuals spoke on the occasion shedding lights on various aspects of the books.  The leader of World Sindhi Congress Dr Hidayat Bhutto moderated the event. Prominent among the speakers who shared their views on the books included Waja Akbar Barakzai, Dr Lakhu Luhana, Hammal Haider Baloch, Qambar Malik Baloch, Hassan Hamdam, Dr Naguman Baloch, Jamshed Amiri, Rahim Bandvoi and Mehrab Baloch.

Speakers termed the books as most comprehensive and objective piece of works on Baloch and Sindh national struggles. It was also pointed out that the books engage and strike intellectually the readers, and provide a new and enriched insight into the dynamics of Baloch and Sindhi National Struggles for the right to self-determination.


The Baloch Conflict with Iran and Pakistan
Tears of Sindhu

About the Author:

Dr Naseer Dashti is a London based writer on south-central Asian affairs. His books included; The Baloch Conflict with Iran and Pakistan: aspects of a national liberation struggle (2017), The Baloch and Balochistan: a historical account from the beginning to the fall of the Baloch State (2012), The Voice of Reason (2008) and In a Baloch Perspective (2008). He has contributed numerous articles on current affairs related to South Central Asia in general and on Balochistan and Sindh in particular.

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