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BNP-M clings to 6 points, accepts no ministry

QUETTA: The newly elected Member of National Assembly and Central Information Secretary of BNP Mengal Agha Hassan Baloch has said that their party is not against development in Balochistan and they had been striving for educated Balohistan for long.

“For Balochistan National Party Mengal six points and its implementation are more important than Government Ministries and other perks, we are in favor of CPEC but people of Balochistan must be the first beneficiary of outcome of the multi-billion dollars project,” he stressed.

The Balochistan National Party Mengal and Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf have signed a six point agenda. BNP Mengal is supporting PTI in center after getting assurance from PTI leadership that their six points would be implemented.

Agha Hssan Baloch said that safe recovery of missing persons, ownership of natural resources, building new dams, honourable repatriation of Afghan refugees and implementation of 6% Provincial quota in federal jobs are key issues of Balochistan.

“We seek legislation through National Assembly to bar outsiders from getting CNIC and passports from Gwadar because the local people are being turned into minority,” Agha Hassan said adding that in 21st century people of Gwadar are deprived of clean drinking water.

Citing 18000 vacant jobs in Federal Government, Central Secretary Information BNP Mengal said that the federal government had been neglecting unemployed youth of Balochistan, 18000 vacant jobs of Balochistan should be filled on immediate basis.

“Fully implementation of our six points would be our party’s victory because we want to gift a corruption free Balochistan to our people,” Agha Hssan added.

Citing 2018 General Elections MNA Agha Hassan Baloch said, though their mandate was stolen in last elections yet they had been supporting democracy in the country, “All nationalities living in Balochistan must be treated equally because we will show resistance against injustice with any nation,” he remarked.

Source: bexpress.com.pk

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