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Inclusion of Saudi in CPEC might futile Pak-China relations, claims Jamaldini

QUETTA: The Federal government has clearly violating 18th amendment by neglecting Balochistan Government and representatives while inking deals with countries on our provincial resources. Senator Dr. Jahanzaib Jamaldini said.

“The Chinese have reservations on making Saudi Arabia as third partners in China Pakistan Economic Corridor and they termed the move against Pak-China accord for CPEC which has weakened our foreign relations with the only trusted country.” Senator and Senior Leader of BNP Mengal Jahanzaib Jamaldini said in his statement.

He added, the Balochistan National Party Mengal remained the rigid antagonist of turning our region Balochistan into battle ground of International powers, in spite of coming under pressure by other countries, our leadership should take their decision independently.

Making his stark stance on Central Government’s repeated attempts to bypass the provincial government and Baloch representatives Senator Jamaldini said, does the federal government has any documentation regarding meeting with provincial government or they even tried to take us into confidence while signing deals on Balochistan.

“Speculations roaming internationally that the Government of Pakistan has signed deal with Saudis giving them access in exploration of natural minerals in Rekodik and installation of Oil Refinery in Gwadar but in reality Saudis want to play their proxies against Iran from our soil that could turn our region into war zone.” Jahanzaib jamaldini said.

“We are not against development and always paid respect to Saudi Monarchy but we can’t tolerate center’s behavior of neglecting the provincial government and Baloch leadership while taking future decisions of our people.”

Talking on Pakistan’s role in mediation between Saudi Arabia and Yamen Senator Jamaldini said, our government should play its influence in appeasing war between Saudi and Yamen but we should refrain from gifting our land for Saudi and Iran proxy war.

Source: bexpress.com.pk

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