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Pakistan Army kills unarmed Baloch civilian, sprays him with bullets – Watch chilling murder caught on cam

Pakistan Army has been accused of carrying out brutal murders of Baloch civilians, prominent activists and politicians. Balochistan has been demanding independence from the oppressive regime of Pakistan.

A horrifying video shared by a Free Balochistan Movement activist Beebagr Baloch on Twitter shows the Pakistani army brutally killing an unarmed Baloch man, after dragging him out of his house in Balochistan. In the chilling video, Pakistan Army soldiers can be seen dragging the unidentified unarmed man out of his house and spray him with bullets.

The graphic video shows the condition of people in Balochistan and the threat they have to face every day from the Pakistani military. Free Baloch activists have regularly condemned the killings of the locals by Pakistani law enforcement operatives.

Groups like the Baloch Republican Party (BRP), Baloch National Movement (BNM) Free Balochistan Movement (FBM) and others have held regular protests in the West to bring attention to the enforced disappearances and the regular recovery of mutilated bodies of disappeared Baloch persons, reported news agency ANI.

Thousands of Baloch political activists and supporters have been killed by Pakistan’s security forces while many are languishing in jail. Despite a repeated request from the family members and human rights organisations, Islamabad has routinely ignored their request to free the incarcerated victims from detention centres.

Balochistan is known for its natural resources like oil, natural gas, coal, copper, sulphur, fluoride and gold, but is considered the least developed province in Pakistan. Armed groups have been demanding political autonomy and a major share over natural resources from Islamabad and have carried out a number of attacks on Pakistani establishments.

Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency has been accused of massive human rights violations by Human Rights Watch and the agency is known to carry out enforced disappearance of hundreds of Baloch nationalists and activists

Source: timesnownews.com

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