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Taleban agrees to reduce violence, stop attacks in Afghanistan

The agreement took place at the Intra-Afghan Dialogue Conference on Peace.

The Taleban has agreed to reduce violence by stopping attacks on “religious centres, schools, hospitals, educational centres, bazaars, water dams and workplaces” in Afghanistan, that could expedite the end of the 18-year war in the war-torn nation, the media reported on Tuesday.

The agreement taken at the Intra-Afghan Dialogue Conference on Peace in Doha on Monday night came in the form of a resolution prepared by a committee of six members from Kabul and three members from the Taliban, reports Tolo News.

The participants from Kabul from politicians, civil society members, and government officials. They attended the intra-Afghan talks with their personal capacity.

The resolution also called for an end to civilian casualties and the protection of women’s rights within an “Islamic framework”.

The non-binding agreement comes as the seventh round of talks between American negotiators and the insurgents is expected to resume later on Tuesday. 

The two-sides hope to reach an agreement that would see US troops withdraw in return for a commitment that Afghanistan would not be used as a terror base.

The Taleban has refused to hold direct negotiations with the Afghan government until the US announces a timetable for the withdrawal.

Source: Khaleej Times

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