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Kalmati strongly opposed NCDA, termed it as interference in provincial autonomy

Speaking at Press Conference along with representatives of other political party, here on Thursday, he said that through establishing NCDA federal government trying bringing Gwadar under federal control, which is not acceptable for the people of Gwadar and their representatives. He said that in the presence of already exists Balochistan Coastal Development Authority for the development of coastal areas there was no need to establish another such institutions as it will be interference in the affairs of Balochistan.

“There are reports about taking Gwadar into the control of Federal government,” Hamal Kalmati who is member of the Balochistan Assembly disclosed and asked the provincial government to strongly oppose any such move and provide required funds to BCDA for the development of Gwadar and other coastal area of the Mekran. Referring the proposed Gwadar Master Plan, Mir Hamal Kalmati said that the concerned authorities were trying to approve Gwadar Master Plan without taking MNA, MPA and other stockholders, including representatives of other political parties.

He said, “Public representatives and other concerned authorities and people were completely ignore in the preparing of Gwadar Master plan and not taken into confidence to the members of parliament from Gwadar.” He suggested that the approval of proposed Gwadar Master Plan should postpone at least for one month. The Gwadar Master Plan is going to presented in the concerned body on August 23 that will meet in Gwadar and Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan will preside over the meeting. MNA from Gwadar Muhammad Aslam Bhootani and MPA Hamal Kalmati as member will also attend the meeting.

Mr. Bhootani also has taken up the Master Plan issue in the National Assembly session and had announced to resist any move about approval of Master Plan without consultation of the public representatives and people of Gwadar. MPA from Gwadar warned that if proposed Gwadar Master Plan was presented for approval without consulting MNA, MPA and other concerned people all parties alliance in Gwadar will strongly protest along with the people of the port city. He said that Gwadar port is biggest assist of Baloch people and its representatives will not compromise on the rights of their people and will continue to protect their rights.

Source: Balochistan Express

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