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Rights Commission Pakistan releases its annual report in Quetta

QUETTA: The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRC) on Thursday released its annual report regarding the state of human rights in Pakistan during 2018 expressing concerns over lack of freedom in Balochistan during General Elections. The report in Urdu version has been launched by HRCP here in Quetta Press Club saying political activities prior to general elections in 2018 was suppressed which raises a question on the impartiality of general elections held in July 2018. The report expressed severe concerns over the killing of 180 people in Quetta and Mastung during elections activities.

The HRCP’s report claims that the State of Pakistan and Government of Balochistan didn’t take any serious action on human rights abuses against Hazara Community. “Hazara Community was forced to live in a ghettoized situation where they have been facing issues of freedom of movement apart from witnessing terrorists’ attack on the ethnic Shia community.” The HRCP’s report says. The independent Human Rights Watchdog has criticized State and Law Enforcement Agencies regarding the alarming situation of missing persons in Balochistan called Missing Persons’ issue in Balochistan as vital.

Secretary-General Human Rights Commission Pakistan Haris Khaleeq revealed that unfortunately some missing persons’ have safely reached home double being picked up in Balochistan, “We have severe concerns over Missing Persons’ issue here in Balochistan, though many people have vanished from other parts of Pakistan but situation in Balochistan lingering-on as it was in 2008.”

Haris Khaleeq said urged Federal and Provincial Governments to produce accused in fair courts in order to pursue trial for people picked by security agencies.

The Independent Watchdog on Human Rights has expressed growing concerns over the state of children in Balochistan plagued with malnutrition saying if we neglect this issue it would be injustice with the future of our children. “Human Rights Commission of Pakistan has been focusing on this issue very keenly because our children should be secure from malnutrition.” Secretary-General HRCP added.

Further, the report urged Federal and Provincial governments regarding the plight of coal mine workers in Balochistan. The report claimed that more than 300 coal miners have been killed in Balochistan during the last eight years while 57 labours lost their lives due to lack of facilities in mining fields. HRCP revealed that in the first six months of 2019 dozens of poor mineworkers have been killed due to mine explosion but Mining Companies and Provincial Government foiled in providing them adequate facilities and remuneration.

Spokesman to HRCP IA Rehman has said, unfortunately, Balochistan has been treated as conflict-zone by the State of Pakistan which kept deprive the province of development, “The actual situation and truth in Balochistan should be reported properly because without knowing the real situation people of other provinces would remain blind on Balochistan’s issues.” He added.

Source: Balochistan Express

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