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YDA threatens to resign if demands not accepted

QUETTA: Young Doctors of Balochistan give ultimatum to the provisional government till Monday to implement on their demands or else more than 200 doctors to resign collectively.

“Government of Balochistan has the time till Monday to implement on our demands or else all of our doctors will resign”, President Young Doctors Association Dr. Yasir said during a press conference in Quetta this Saturday.

He said that young doctors were protesting peacefully against an incident of gaini ward in civil hospital when a provisional minister made aggressive approach towards doctors with his gunmen.

“Health Minister had assured that concerns of doctors to be addressed but bureaucracy created hurdles by ignoring orders of Mir Naseeb Ullah Marri”, Dr. Yasir said.

He also claimed that budget of MSD lapsed as medicines are unavailable in hospitals. Doctors are here in the hospital for the service of people and will raise voice for their problems.

“Our doctors do not receive double salaries and not working in more than one place”, President YDA said as he insisted that government of Balochistan is looking for vengeance against their community.

He rephrased, more than 200 doctors will resign together if provisional government failed to implement on their demands including security act till Monday.

Source: Balochistan Express

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