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Peace Talks Continue into Fourth Day

The US and Taliban delegates continued their negotiations in Doha for the fourth day on Tuesday and a Taliban spokesman said there is agreement on some issues related to a reduction of violence, but a ceasefire will be decided at the intra-Afghan negotiations.

“The intra-Afghan negotiations will soon start after the signing of the agreement, and then other issues, including ceasefire, will be discussed,” said Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen in an interview with nunn.asia.

A source familiar with the talks said that these issues of reduction of violence, ceasefire and intra-Afghan negotiations are still being debated between the two sides.

“The Americans are saying that there should be an agreement on reduction of violence, ceasefire and intra-Afghan negotiations before signing an agreement, but the Taliban is not accepting this matter and they are discussing this,” said Mawlawi Abdul Shakoor Mutmaen, former head of the Olympic committee during the Taliban’s regime in Kabul.

“Ceasefire means that the people—civilians–can go from one area to another, but military men cannot go into each other’s areas. This will continue until another agreement is made where low-ranking soldiers will be able to travel to each other’s areas,” said Abdul Wahab Wardak, a former commander of the Afghan Air Force.

The Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen said foreign ministers from a number of countries and representatives of international organizations, especially the United Nations, will be invited to Qatar during the signing of the accord.


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