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Imran Khan at the UNGA

Foreign debts to be paid through Reko Diq gold: PM Imran

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan called upon the youth to pursue independent ideas fearlessly and emphasised that success and failure are bestowed by God and not from human beings.

The prime minister expressed these views while addressing as the chief guest at an event organised by the National Incubation Startups on Wednesday, where he highlighted the importance of startups for the Pakistani economy. The prime minister said, “Only God can give you respect or humiliation. Do whatever you want to; you can bring about neither. All-day long, I hear people talking against me on TV. They can do nothing without the will of God.” He said that whatever media says about him Allah will give respect. He said that fearful people never contribute big for the country. He pointed out that hesitation and fear impeded human beings from making progress and only those people succeed in making progress, who were blessed with courage and passion. He remarked, “A startup is when people embark fearlessly on their ideas. Success becomes a possibility when people pursue their dreams fearlessly”.

The prime minister talked about the rich resources Pakistan was blessed with, saying it has minerals, coal reserves, fertile land, plenty of water and has “12 seasons”. He said that foreign debts would be paid through the resources of Reko Diq gold. He said the government was trying to harness these resources and the youth were being given job opportunities. “We have to free the youth potential and I never had a doubt that Pakistan would lead the entire region, the way it was progressing in the 1960s,” he noted. The prime minister contended that the real-life was the name of ups and downs. However, one should reform himself during bad times and accelerate efforts. He said that the encouragement of startup culture in youth was the vision of Naya Pakistan.

The prime minister tweeted, “Pakistan stands with the people & govt of China in their difficult & trying time and it will always stand by them. We will be extending every material & moral support to China just as China has always stood by us during all our times of trial and tribulation”. He also wrote to have issued instructions to the Foreign Office and Overseas Ministry to do everything possible for our students who are stuck in Wuhan city.

Source: The News International

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