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Balochistan engineers protest to regularise OGDCL contracts

Dera Bugti: Engineers gathered in Islamabad to make their voices heard. The thirteen engineers have been working with the Oil and Gas Development Corporation (OGDCL) on a contract basis for the last ten years. 

These engineers landed in contracts with the OGDCL over ten years ago under the ‘Aaghaz-e- Huqooq Balochistan’ Package which called for providing jobs to the disenfranchised Baloch youth. The protesting engineers said that they have made several efforts to regularise their contracts to no avail, and now have been forced to protest against the injustice.

The engineers said that they approached the Balochistan High Court on 24 June 2016 which ruled in their favour on 26 August 2019 and ordered that all perks, privileges, bonus and other employment benefits from 2010 onward should be awarded to them.

They further stated that the management of the OGDCL was approached to implement the court’s verdict to no avail. Furthermore, several stakeholders and parliamentarians were approached to raise a voice on their behalf in parliament. They expressed gratitude for those who spoke for their rights.

The protesting engineers expressed regret that the OGDCL has not implemented the court’s orders despite several letters and notices being sent to the organisation.

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